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Superintendent's Message


“Roanoke…Together… Educating with Excellence, Challenging for Success, Inspiring Learners for Life. The mission of Roanoke City Schools is what defines us as the “Handley Family.”  The Roanoke City School employees, students, parents, and community strive to create an environment where we together use this mission to drive instruction for students to graduate from high school. Our hope is through excellent instruction we are able to meet the challenges of inspiring learners for life.

The Roanoke community believes in supporting our culturally diverse student population.  It is important for students to have goals and know teachers and the community are collaboratively invested in helping them achieve their  goals. Our students are our top priority,  and every decision we make is in their best interest.

There is a collaborative effort between school leaders, community leaders, and parents to create resources to grow and excel in academics, fine arts, athletics, scholastic competitions, and a wide array of other extra-curricular activities.  Through these efforts, students are able to achieve success on an individual basis with the help of everyone involved.

Finally, the vision of Roanoke City Schools  “All Handley Graduates…Empowered with Skills and Confidence for Successful Lives...Forever Handley Family,” is what we  hope to accomplish. Our expectation  is for our graduates to leave equipped with the skills to meet the challenges of life.   The story each student creates while at Handley will be the story used for a successful life’s journey. When students leave Roanoke City Schools, we hope they understand once you are a part of  “The Handley Family,” you are  #ForeverHandleyFamily.

Thank you for your interest in Roanoke City Schools. Please contact me if you would like more information about our outstanding school system.

“We Are Handley.”

Gregory Foster