• Ms. Rosalyn Houston, President

    Roanoke BOE member since 2014

    Educational Philosophy: "I believe that we can no longer view education in the traditional sense of the word. Teaching cannot be limited to the older method of delivering information from teachers to students. An atmosphere of learning must be established where students are encouraged to discover, explore, and challenge information presented while incorporating the technology of today. In other words, the primary goal of education should be to help facilitate students into being a teacher of themselves. I believe this form of learning would help students realize who they are, what they want, and what they need to be successful."

  • Mr. Steve Burns, Vice President

    Roanoke BOE member since: 2012

    Educational Philosophy: "I believe that the children of Roanoke City Schools are our future. Each student from kindergarten through twelfth grade needs a secure, caring, stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. The One to One initiative, as well as the teaching of 21st Century Student Skills will be a tremendous asset to our students. There are many great things happening in Roanoke City Schools and I am honored to serve on the board and continue the wonderful legacy of education for which this school system is known!"

  • Lon Hurst

    Mr. Lon Hurst

    Roanoke BOE member since: 2018

    Educational Philosophy: "Learning is essential to life. We come into this world learning. It is the job of parents, teachers, and communities to nurture that learning and allow students to be active participants in their education. I believe that a structured and safe environment provides students with the ideal conditions to thrive. Students should be allowed access to the resources necessary to find information, seek knowledge, and learn skills as needed."


  • Tracy Brown  

    Mr. Tracy Brown

    Roanoke BOE member since: 2018

    Educational Philosophy: "I believe as school board members, parents, educators, and mentors we must first provide a safe and secure educational learning environment for our students. As a city of Roanoke School Board member, it will be my goal to never rest on our past laurels, but will be constantly seeking to achieve new educational heights. I believe every student has a right to an education that best fits the student's needs. Each student is unique in their own way and deserves a stimulating, positive, and reassuring atmosphere in which they are able to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, and socially. I believe that learning empowers each student with the ability to make positive life accomplishments."

  • Mrs. Regina Joiner

    Roanoke BOE member since: 2018

    Educational Philosophy: "We must provide a safe environment that promotes and fosters continuous learning and individual creativity. It is imperative that each student is well equipped to compete in this ever changing technologically advanced society. We must allow students to feel a sense of ownership in their educational journey. However, active participation of parents, teachers, students and the community will support our efforts of producing a well-rounded productive member into society. We must be mindful of situations affecting our students in order to provide the necessary tools to allow them to achieve ultimate success. We must be open to outside resources that positively promote ways to further educate our students. It is my belief that providing the student with a wide array of extracurricular activities cultivates their total way of life. It is our responsibility to encourage, motivate and guide the students to think beyond their current situation. It is my vision for each student to envision endless possibilities."