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    Academic Team membership is open to all students grades 9-12. Tryouts are held during the fall, and team members are chosen in an in-school competition. In the selection process, students participate in head to head competitions very similar to the academic matches in which they perform if they make the team. Toss up questions given are based on math, science, history and English, along with trivia, sports, art, culture, current events, etc. Points are accumulated according to the number of questions an individual answered correctly in the competition. Note that knowledge AND speed are important in Academic Team tryouts (and competitions) as points are awarded for the one who knows the correct answer first. The students with highest total number of points will be selected as members of the Academic team. There are usually six members chosen for the team since that is the number allowed to compete in state tournaments.


    Sponsors: Richard Head  email: rhead@roanokecityschools.org





    The Anchor Club of Handley High School is a service organization for students from the senior, junior, and sophomore classes. It is sponsored by the Pilot Club of Roanoke. The purpose of this club is to develop leadership among the girls and to be of service to the school and community. Members are chosen on the basis of scholastic standing, good character, and leadership. The colors are green and gold.


    Sponsor:  Leslie Gibbs

    email:  lgibbs@roanokecityschools.org




    The Drama Club is an organizaion that provides an opportunity for studednts to express themselves in a creative manner which would not ordinarily be available in a classroom setting.  This club presents programs and plays to the student body as well as to the community.


    Sponsor: Steve Murphy

    email:  smurphy@roanokecityschools.org





    The mission of the Fellowship of Christian Students is to present to students and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and serving Him in their relationships as well as in the fellowship of the church.


    F.C.S. is open to any student (athlete or non-athlete) attending Handley High School.  Most meetings are held during the activity period at school; however, some evening meetings are held at night at Community Life Church- usually at 7pm.  Activities vary from guest speakers to group activities, discussions and videos.  The goal of each meeting is to help students grow spiritually and to teach them how to support other members and students.  Each member is required to pay dues of $10.00 and with the dues they receive a t-shirt.


    Sponsor :Steve Murphy  email:  smurphy@roanokecityschools.org




    FOCUS promotes school and community partnerships for the prevention of HIV/AIDS and other adolescent risk behaviors. The program is based on a student led approach and seeks to promote youth involvement in the planning of prevention activities. Other features of the program include planning monthly health observances and school-wide assemblies.

    The program is supported state-wide by the Alabama State Department of Education, Governor’s Commission on AIDS, community based organizations, and local education associations.



    HHS is the 2014-2015 Alabama FOCUS School of the Year



    Sponsors: Kelli Hendon khendon@roanokecityschools.org






    Purpose:  Mu Alpha Theta, which is sponsored by professional mathematics organizations, including the Mathematical Association of America, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Society for Industrial and Applied mathematics, and the American mathematical Association of Two-Year colleges, is a non-secret organization whose purpose is the promotion of scholarship in, and enjoyment and understanding of, mathematics among high school and two-year college students.


    Admission:  High school students in grades 9 through 12, at the school where their permanent record resides, who have completed the equivalent of four semesters of college preparatory mathematics and in addition have completed or are enrolled  in a still more advanced course, are eligible for full membership providing their mathematical work was done with distinction.  Each member should have an 88 or above average in previous math classes.


    Rules:  Each member must pay $20 for dues and must actively participate in fundraisers and school activities sponsored by Mu Alpha Theta.


    Sponsor - Sandy Daniel

    email:  srdaniel@roanokecityschools.org




    Katherine Mickle Chapter


      Membership in the Katherine Mickle Chapter of the National Honor Society is one of the highest honors that Handley High School students can achieve. Standards for membership are set by the organization's national office.  New members will be chosen each year after the first trimester's grades are reported.  Only juniors and seniors on the advanced diploma with a 3.5 GPA or above are eligible.  Equally important, the new members must have exhibited leadership, character, and service during their high school years.  Scholarship alone does not qualify one for membership in the National Honor Society.


      Those students eligible scholastically will be asked by the sponsor to fill out a student activity information sheet where they will provide information about their activities in the areas of leadership, character, and service.  A five-member faculty council appointed by the principal will review the information provided by the student in the form.  The administration nor the sponsor will ever serve on the faculty council.  The faculty council will also review student disciplinary records, student conduct grades, and faculty evaluation sheets so that they may make a sound, professional judgment regarding selection or non-selection of members.


    Once selected, members must maintain the 3.5 GPA and good conduct and disciplinary record.  Those who fall short in one of these areas will be reviewed by the faculty selection committee and be placed on probation for one trimester.  The member will have one trimester to reach the required GPA or improve their conduct/disciplinary record or they will be permanently removed from the organization.


    Sponsor - Mandy Bonner





    The Interact Club is sponsored by the Roanoke Rotary club, which provides support and guidance.  New Members are added each year and are selected based on their ability and desire to serve others.


    The Interact club completes at least two community service projects.  Like Rotary, the goals of this club are to "provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and  peace" (www.rotary.org).


    Sponsor-Leslie Seiffert

    email:  lseiffert@roanokecityschools.org





    The Student Government Association exists to give students more voice in matters concerning them and can be useful in gaining support in school policies.


    The S.G.A., with its membership of 9th through 12th graders, is composed of elected officers, class representatives, and a faculty sponsor.


    Members of the S.G.A. are to be, and should be, called upon whenever a problem arises concerning school matters.  It is hoped that the Student Government Association can be of service to all students in the coming year.


    They will help with picture days and also with orientation of new students.


    Sponsors - Richard Head & Mandy Bonner email:  rhead@roanokecityschools.org





    The Handleyan, the school annual, is a yearly project of the yearbook staff.  It contains pictures and other records of events through the year, and will be cherished in later years for the memories it holds.


    Sponsor -  Donya Beam, email:  dbeam@roanokecityschools.org     





    A project of student journalists, "The Triangle", Handley's school newspaper, is published several times throughout the year.  The main purpose of this paper is to keep students and teachers informed and entertained.  For many years "The Triangle" has been honored by the Alabama High School Press Association and will continue to be one of the best school newspapers in the state.


    Sponsor - Hannah Snyder email:  jcrawford@roanokecityschools.org