Parents - Learning About Moodle

  • Moodle is a learning management system that all middle and high school students will be using this year with the 1:1 Initiative. Moodle is used by 11,347 universities, businesses, and K-12 schools across America to deliver educational programs 24/7. We realize this is new for many parents. To find out how to use Moodle with you student, view the short videos below.

    To get into your student's Moodle account, get their password and go to their school site below.

    HHS Moodle Site: hhs.remote-learner.net/

    HMS Moodle Site: hms.remote-learner.net/

    To learn about Moodle, watch the following videos.

Parents - Learning about Google Apps

  • You have probably heard your child talk about their Google account. Every student in the Roanoke City system is given a Google G-mail and Google Docs account. These are very powerful tools that they will use in college and/or the workplace. It may be something new to many parents. Watch the two videos below and it will explain what Google apps are and how to use them. You or your child can log into their account by going to Google.com and signing in. Use the same password and login you use for Moodle.

Handley High School Student Laptop Use

  • This is the laptop the students at the high school will be issued this year. Every student will be able to use it all year long. At the end of the school year, the laptop will be returned and refurbished. The student will be issued the same laptop next year.

    There is a $60 fee that each student is responsible for at the start of the school year. This fee covers accidental damage, theft, and refurbishing of the laptop each summer. You are covered for all the accidental problems that can happen.

    It's the student's responsibility to take care of the laptop they are issued. Each student will receive training on how to care for their laptop before it is issued to them. They also will receive instruction on how to be a digital citizen and how to manage their time on the web. All these responsibilities are spelled out in the HHS Student Laptop Handbook.You can download it to see exactly what is expected.

Handley Middle School Student Laptop Use

  • At the start of school, every middle school student will be assigned a laptop to use everyday. They will pick it up in homeroom each morning and return it to the same homeroom at the end of the day. During the day, they will use it for much of their instruction.

    While the laptop is in their possession, they will be responsible for its care. At the start of school, every student will be shown how to care for their laptop as well as how to be a good digital citizen. All these responsibilities are spelled out in the Handley Middle School Laptop Handbook. You may download it from the attachment.

Knight Enloe School Student Laptop Use

  • Next year, every student at Knight Enloe will be assigned a laptop to use in their classroom. The laptop will not leave the classroom but each student will use the same one during the year. All internet use will be controlled and monitored by teachers. Much of the instruction will be delivered over the student laptop. All during the year, each student will follow a technology course of study to learn how to use a laptop. By the end of the third grade, they will be a digital citizen.