KES Resources

Counseling Schedule

  • I. Individual Counseling-- As Needed(Confidentiality is Essential) II. Small Group Counseling Topics A. Personal Hygiene B. Behavioral Management C. Conflict Resolution D. Anger Management E. Grief Management III. Large Group Counseling Topics A. Character Education B. Following Directions C. Respect D. Good Manners E. Substance Abuse F. Friendship G. Safety H. Nutrition I. Anger Management J. Bullying K. Violence L. Study Habits M. Career Choices Other Topics are discussesd as the need arises. IV. Reading Intervention 8:15-10:30 Daily All Staff are involved in this instruction.

Counselor Objective

  • Academic Development A. Students will develop a positive interest and confidence in learning B. Students will learn how to work independently and cooperatively with others. C. Students will be motivated to achieve individual potential and gain critical thinking skills. Career Development A. Students will learn about a variety of traditional and nontraditional occupations. B. Students will learn how to make decisions, set goals, develop positive attitudes toward learning and work. C. Students will discuss career choices. D. Students will demonstrate how interest, ability, and achievement relate to achieving personal, social, educational, and career goals. Personal/Social development A. Students will develop a positive attitude toward self a as unique and worthy person. B. Students will learn to identify values, attitudes, beliefs and feelings C. Students will learn the differences between appropriate and inappropriate behavior. D. Students will recognize, accept, respect, appreciate individual differences, and cultural diversity. E. Students will learn communication, decision making, and problem solving skills.

Guidance Counselor

Counselor Note

  • Working together is very important for the success of your child. Communication is the key to knowing and understanding. Let's keep the lines of communication open. Your child is of the utmost importance to me. An active parent is the best parent. The doors of Knight-Enloe Elementary are always open to the public. I look forward to serving your child as counselor another year. As activities and events take place at our school, we are always looking for parent volunteers. For our school to be the best it can be, it takes all of us working together.