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Lunch Menu

  • 4/24/2019

    BBQ Plate, Cole Slaw, Roll, Fruit and Milk

  • 4/25/2019

    Taco Salad w/Beef, Chips, Corn, Cheese,

    Lettuce, Sour Cream, Mexican Condiments

    Fruit and Milk

  • 4/26/2019

    Pizza @ KES only

    Chicken sandwich, Lettuce, tomato Chips, Carrot Sticks,  Fruit​ ​and​ ​Milk

  • 4/29/2019

    Hot  Dog,  French Fries,   Fruit & Milk

    Carrot Stick @ HHS only

  • 4/30/2019

    Crispy Steak,  Broccoli w/Cheese,

    Roll, Fruit and Milk